January 17, 2018

About the Race

Bringing the DECA to the US has been a personal passion for the last 5 years of Wayne Kurtz and Steve Kirby.   Through all the hurdles and challenges, we are excited to host all of our ultra triathlete global family to New Orleans for the races.   Our goal is to make this a safe and thoroughly enjoyable experience for the athlete, crews and spectators.    Well maybe it won’t be all enjoyable for the athletes as they grind through day after day during the run!

November 6, 2018 – The Fun Begins with the Classic DECA

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana – Fontainebleau State Park

Race Specific Dates below

Classic DECA 
Starts November 6, 2018
Finish November 19, 2018
(Note: Must finish in 13 days!)

1×10 DECA 
Starts November 8, 2018
Finish November 18, 2018

Quintuple Continuous
Starts November 12, 2018
Finish November 18, 2018

1×5 Quintuple
Starts November 13, 2018
Finish November 18, 2018