January 17, 2018


Athletes competing in the Classic (continuous DECA) must email the registration form and the athlete questionnaire to tricfp@gmail.com

Entry Fee

  • Classic DECA and 1×10 DECA $2,200
  • Quintuple Classic and 1×5 $1,400

Entry fee includes: Athlete attendance to Introduction of Athletes party, food supplied 24/7 during race, transportation to and from the airport (including crew), shuttle to the University of New Orleans for (Classic DECA swim), post race award banquet, shirt and finisher awards.

Additional Expenses:

  • Per day cost for crew meals
  • Per day cost for athlete/crew lodging at park
  • Per person crew cost for award banquet

All fees outlined on entry form*

NOTE: The entry fee should be free from any taxes, levies, deductions, duties, bank charges, restrictions or conditions of any nature.

DECA (2 payments)

April 30, 2018 DECA payment due $1,100

June 30, 2018 DECA final payment due $1,100

Quintuple is 1 payment due June 30, 2018 $1,400

The last day to make the deposit is June 30, 2018. The entry fee becomes non-refundable after September 15, 2018.

ENTRY FEE PAYMENT WILL BE BY BANK WIRE ONLY: After receiving your registration form and if applicable athlete questionnaire, you’ll receive an e-mail with the bank account information.

IMPORTANT: Please let us know when the money transfer is complete with a copy of your bank receipt.