January 17, 2018


Race Question Q&A

Athlete and crew member accommodations at the lodges in the main transition area are $10 per day per person.

Crew food cost for the 4 meals per day and continuous snacks is $25 per day. Athletes are free.

1. What airport should you fly to?
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport – airport code is MSY

2. How do you get from the airport to the race site/lodging?
We will coordinate pickup of athletes and shuttle from the airport to the race headquarters and lodging.

3. What if I am staying at a local hotel and not the race lodging?
We will shuttle athletes to their respective hotel from the airport.

4. What hotels are close to the race site?
There are a number of hotels within 5 miles of the park. Search for hotels in Mandeville or Covington LA.

Click here for Hotel suggestions

5. Can the athlete and crew camp via tents?

6. Where is the swimming pool for the classic DECA compared to the race circuit?
The 50-meter swimming pool is about a 45-minute drive from the race circuit. We will shuttle athletes to the start and after the swim back to the circuit.

7. Where do the 1×10, 1×5 and continuous Quintuple Swims take place?
These swims will be in the Lake not in the swimming pool.

8. Is there a changing area after the lake swim?
Yes, there is a big bathhouse and area for transition to the bike and a short ride on the bike path to the circuit.

9. Is the bike course flat?
Yes pancake flat and protected with trees.

10. Is the run course flat?
Yes it’s flat but is on a grass/dirt path.

11. What happens if it rains on the run course?
Your shoes will get wet and we will have the course graveled and packed to do everything we can for the athletes. However, bring more than 1 pair of running shoes.

12. Where is the main crew area?
It is all housed at the campground and dining facility and a few feet from the course the athletes can walk to sleep, shower and grab food.

13. Will there be shelter tents for the crews and athletes near the campground and dining facility?

14. Cheating in the race by any means will automatically result in disqualification.

15. Is the races part of the IUTA series?
Yes all races will qualify for points.

16. What are the cutoff times for the classic DECA?
23 hours for the swim and 13 total days for the race. The 1×10 and 1×5 total cutoff times are 24 hours per day. The continuous Quintuple cutoff time is 144 hours.

17. How many athletes total will there be?
Because of safety reasons and limited amount for the popular classic DECA – 60 Athletes total. So register early!

18. Are there grocery stores close by?
Yes there are typical American grocery stores along with Walmart.

19. Will there be a daily menu for athletes and crew?
Yes, we will prepare substantial food including all the classic ultra food choices.

20. Is there a WIFI?
YES, Internet Access via a Hotspot will be available for all athletes and crew. BUT only limited to emails. NO downloading or streaming of videos.

21. Cabins
More info on cabin fees soon, but they are two level bunk beds with a mattress. You need to provide your own sleeping stuff (sheets, sleeping bag, pillow, etc).

22. Washer and Dryers
There are no washers and dryers in our camp area but in the main portion of the park they have two different areas with them.